App Development

Technology constantly changes paradigms. SaaS, cloud computing, and web services were all revolutionary at the time. The past decade has seen a lot of growth in curated markets like the App Store, the Play Store, Alexa skills, and other device specific apps. These are a kind of software but they're different from your run of the mill computer application. They require much more specialized skill and knowledge of a very specific, walled off environment.

These devices represent a majority of online traffic and software consumption. Soon they'll be a supermajority. Computers will always have their place but the phone, the TV, even things like cars will soon compete with them. If you don't include build for them you're excluding the majority of potential users.

Fribush Technology has experience with a wide range of these devices, from the biggest (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) to some of the more niche (such as HMH's library). Whether you need a specialized skill on a specific device or a broad based deployment to numerous stores, we've done it and can do it again.

Our process is based on our clients needs. We begin with a conversation about exactly what your app needs to do and what devices it needs to run on. We want to understand why you're building this, what distribution you've considered, and what your vision is for your app. We believe we need to understand you to understand your project. From there, we move on to making plans, architecture documents, and mock ups. At all stages we show you what we're planning to get your opinion. If you don't understand something, we explain it to you. We want you to be an active partner in the process.

Only after the final design approval do we begin to build. We give you access to our internal tracking tools and set up regular, scheduled meetings both for feedback and to update you. We adjust constantly based on how things are going. Lastly, we productionize the product, write documentation, and the deploy it according to your specifications. If we've done our job, you'll have a slick, modern app that fits your vision living on robust infrastructure, in all relevant app stores, with full test coverage and documentation.

Unless you have an immediate issue like Apple banning you from the app store. Then we just get to work!