Why Choose Fribush Technology


We have a network of more than forty veteran engineers and designers with over five hundred years of collective experience. For every project we put together a complete team, experienced team with exactly the right skill set for your needs.


Every project is managed by someone based in the US who is both your point of contact and an engineer working on the project, almost always the lead. No more "I'll get back to you," on basic technical questions!


We use a truly cooperative process where we get a holistic understanding of your project and business objectives. No fire and forget here. We want to understand what you want to build and why you want to build it. We don't just build your specification: we execute your vision.


We provide ongoing support. Some of our clients still use us for maintenance half a decade later. We don't build leaky rocket ships that launch and fall apart. We're in it for as long as you want to partner with us.


We provide excellence wherever we're brought in. We commonly parachute in to fix a buggy mess made by a cheap, unskilled team or take over after the developers quit. Whether you're just starting or desperate to fix a crashed app in production, we will do it to the highest standard.

Fribush Tech Background

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